About Gauchdogg


The story of Gauchdogg started in 1997. At the time I became fascinated about the www, the worldwide hype had just began. Mainly based on self training, I started to build up my first webpages. At  that time it was extremely fashion to fill each page with animated gif files. Some pages rather looked like a Christmas tree than like a homepage. Driven with the goal to make it better, I started to launch my first websites. Until today I have created a lot of various websites. In 2016 I switched from doing it as hobby to doing it as a business. For all my projects I´m using all the experience gained, along with your goals. For you, this means that we can create tailor made websites and social media campaigns that will help to boost your online presence.


After the millennium switch I was working as a car sales man in one of the biggest BMW garages in south west Germany. Out of the whole team, I was the guy with the best english speaking capabilities. So I was the one working with all international customers. Over years I could establish business relationships all over Europe. The business created, became a own individual department there. But for me this was not enough. I wanted to do more. So I quite to became an international Area Sales Manager. In the beginning my focus was rather European and North America oriented, where as the USA became my biggest market. Since 2012 I made another switch towards the middle east, Asia and Oceanic.

The main and most interesting aspect of this business are the cultural differences among various customers and partners all over the world. It is a hard school and it was not always easy. But since I made all the good and bad experience, I can offer you the opportunity to establish international relationships with long lasting and successful partners without a headache.


Have you ever seen 50 MINI Cooper enjoying the curves of the Blackforest in southwest Germany, or did you even participate on a car or a motorbike tour? No? Than you definitely should think about doing it. Organising such events was my starting point to what I´m doing today. Over the years, this moved over to organising booths and events on exhibitions, as well organising customer and distributor events all over the world. On all events, our objective is clearly focused on the guests. They want to feel integrated and part of something great happening. Very often we have made the full planning. We have coordinated the event, trained the staff and sometimes even moderated the event itself. Due to that we became a very flexible and reliable partner for your event.