You are planing an distributor meeting, a customer event or just a company tour. We take care of the organisation of the event as well as the whole planing so that you can take care of your customer and colleagues.

Have you ever seen a group of about 50 MINI Cooper driving through the Black Forrest or did you ever join a driving tour yourself? No? Than this is something you should do. Company events or customer events are some sort of similar. It doesn´t matter if you do a one day or multiple day event, if you do it in Germany, Bali or Thailand. Such an Event is the best chance to share Information to your guests and to improve the relationship to your guests.

A good event stays in the mind of the participants, it creates memories. But it also means a lot of work and a lot of organisation. When I started, this was more or less a hobby. Nowadays, organising events and helping my customers planing it, is an essential part of our product portfolio. If required we take care of the location, the program, the food and even provide a well skilled presenter to present your presentation most professional in German or English.
Regardless whether the event takes place in the Black Forest in Germany or elsewhere in the world, we will make it a success!